P3 Platform BCM and Pump Repair

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2007-2013 Volvo S80

2007-2013 Volvo V70

2007-2013 Volvo XC70


This is Repair Service of your existing BCM and pump motor.

Common failures:

  • One or more ABS Pump codes BCM-0070, BCM-0071, BCM-0072 or BCM-C002001, BCM-C00201C, BCM-C002071 are stored
  • Pump motor does not activate or works sporadically. 

We rebuild you existing unit, using high quality, new generation, components. Remanufactured unit doesn’t need to be reprogrammed at extra cost.

Whats included in this service?

  • New pump driver replacement inside the BCM
  • New aluminium cover for the BCM
  • Complete ABS Pump motor repair
  • New motor brush set

Lifetime Limited Warranty

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