We are a relatively young company based in Tilbury, Essex. We began repairing Volvo electronic modules back in 2009.

For last decade company was mainly working on remanufacturing automotive electronics. Now we can back every repair with Lifetime Warranty!

We have invested heavily in the latest version of diagnostic equipment for all Volvo of vehicles, enabling us to offer a service which is fully equal to Main Dealer services.

VIDA will show any faults that have been recorded in the car's computers so the technician may make the correct repairs instead of having to make an educated guess as to possible problems as in the past.

Due to high demand and many returning customers asking about servicing and maintenance we have employed qualified technicians to assist our customers with every matter of high-quality service, using genuine Volvo parts whilst being cheaper than the main dealer.

We also provide garage services for any other type of car, with customers including private companies, fleet operators and the general public.