Generation 5 DEM Repair

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2012-2016 S80

2012-2016 S60

2012-2016 V70, XC70

2012-2016 XC90


This is Repair Service of your existing DEM. 


  • DSTC not working.
  • Brake failure message when DEM is plugged
  • DEM-0002, DEM-0003, DEM-0006, DEM-0007, DEM-0008 codes
  • No communication between DEM and other modules(BCM,CEM)
  • Intermittent/permanent anti-skid message

We rebuild you existing unit, using high quality, new generation, components. Dealer offers only replacement units, which are very expensive. Remanufactured unit doesn’t need to be reprogrammed at extra cost. 

Whats included in this service?

  • Repair of your existing DEM.
  • PCB waterproofing/nanocoating
  • Full operational test.

Lifetime Limited Warranty

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